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Study in Britain for international students


Are you looking for the perfect study abroad destination, with a distinctive culture and rich history, as well as a high-quality education?

Thousands of international students choose to study in Britain every year, and besides being home to the most prestigious universities in the world, it is also considered one of the most important cultural centers in Europe, and there are many other advantages.

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Why study in Britain?

Studying in Britain offers many economic, cultural and social benefits to students. Which qualifies you to create a better future for yourself at the professional level, and to save on tuition fees through short-term and more intensive study programmes.

Many British universities also offer discounts on some study programmes, low costs on transportation and study materials.

University admission requirements in Britain for international students


When applying to a UK university, you will need to submit some important documents, such as:

  • Your official academic transcripts
  • Statement of the purpose of the study
  • Recommendation letters

Make sure your qualifications are recognized in the UK, or if you need an equivalent certificate, before applying.

What is the cost of studying in Britain?

The cost of studying in Britain depends on the type of degree and the institution or university you want to attend. Britain is also home to a variety of prestigious educational institutions, each of which sets its own tuition fees.

academic levelAverage tuition fees are in pounds sterling
BSCFrom 13,000 to 32,000
MastersFrom 13,000 to 32,000
MastersFrom 15,000 to 24,000

Scholarships in Britain for international students

Britain offers many scholarships for international students who want to obtain postgraduate degrees, and there are a few scholarships available for undergraduate studies, usually offered by universities.

Here are some of the best scholarships for international students in Britain :

Grant nameAbout the grant
Chevening Scholarship

Chevening Scholarships are offered by the UK Foreign and Commonwealth Office; For students wishing to obtain a master's degree.

Applicants must be citizens of one of the countries eligible for the scholarship (144 countries are eligible), and one of the most important conditions of the scholarship is that you agree to work in your country of origin for a period of not less than two years after receiving the scholarship.

Commonwealth Scholarships

The scholarship is available for students wishing to obtain master’s and doctoral degrees, and they must be among the 62 countries of the Commonwealth.

The scholarship will usually cover all your expenses, including tuition fees, accommodation, and travel to and from Britain.

Scholarships Great Britain

The Great Britain Scholarships are part of the International Student Funding Scheme of the British Council in the UK.

It is worth noting that each country has different application steps, and the average value of the scholarship is at least 10,000 pounds sterling, in addition to the availability of all fields of study that you can choose from.

UK student visa requirements

Obtaining a student visa in Britain depends on your age and the type of study program you want to enroll in. For more information about the types of study visas in Britain for international students, click here .

But in general, you will need to provide the following:

  • A valid passport or travel document
  • Proof of financial ability to pay living expenses during the study period in Britain
  • Confirmation letter of admission to study at the university or educational institution, the reference number of the application and the documents submitted to obtain the letter of acceptance
  • A color passport size photo
  • Tuberculosis test (if needed)
  • Evaluation certificate
  • Certificate of Accreditation of Academic Studies in Technology (ATAS) plan, if required.