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New School Year Preparation Guide - Tips and Ideas for Your Success Abroad!

 You are about to start realizing your dream of studying abroad . There is no doubt that this trip will change your life a lot, so it is not surprising that you will feel some stress and anxiety, so how will you live in a strange country without your family and friends that you used to have?

Don't worry! Here's the ultimate guide to help you get through your first year abroad successfully!


1) Pack your bags in order

Before you get up to pack your bag, first think about the important things you'll need to bring with you. Therefore, do not pack your bags with things that you can easily buy in stores such as toiletries, or simple office and household items.

You can also save extra space by leaving some unnecessary clothes; Because if the weather in your new destination is not like the climate of your home country that you are used to, you will have to buy new clothes that match the weather of the new country.

Prepare your personal bag smoothly to make it easier for you to carry it on a daily basis, and do not forget to put a distinctive mark on it. It is worth noting that many universities provide a free airport pick-up and drop-off service for international students.

2) Take advantage of technology

If you are going to live in a country that is notorious for its high cost of living, you undoubtedly need to set your budget carefully from the start. You will be able to save a great deal of money by using the student travel saving cards. But before buying it, know precisely the areas of the city in which you will study and the neighborhoods in which your residence and university are located.

And most importantly, regardless of whether you have cooking experience or not, you still definitely need to learn some cooking basics because that point is a major factor in saving a good amount of money on a daily basis.

Moreover, don't go shopping whenever that idea pops into your head, it's better for you to wait for sales periods which are the best times to shop and buy your needs. It is also important to always keep a margin amount in your monthly budget to cover emergency and unplanned expenses.