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Costs and prices of living and living in Ireland for international students


Let's find out the cost of studying and the cost of living in Ireland according to the budget of international students

Is the cost of studying in Ireland expensive ?

The cost of studying in Ireland is not high, especially when compared to the cost of studying in similar universities around the world. The cost of living in Dublin, the Irish capital, is more expensive, but living in other Irish cities is less expensive compared to other study destinations, such as the United Kingdom.

What is the cost of living in Ireland for students?

The estimated cost of living in Ireland for students during one academic year is between €7,000 to €12,000. This cost includes rent, electricity, food, books, laundry, and medicines, as well as the cost of transportation and social expenses, with the exception of tuition fees.

Of course, living expenses in Ireland vary depending on where you study, the type of housing, and the lifestyle you choose. You should also take into account any international trips you plan to take during the year.

You will also need to budget for the one-time purchases such as kitchen ingredients, bedding, mobile phone, etc.


What are the tuition fees in Ireland?

  • Undergraduate programmes: 9,000 - 45,000 euros per year
  • Master's and PhD programmes: 9,150 - 37,000 euros per year 

Fees vary depending on the field of study, program, and university of your choice.

You will pay around 2,500 euros each year for student services, such as taking exams, and supporting clubs and societies.

How much do I pay for daily necessities?

  • 1 liter of milk: 1 euro
  • Coca-Cola can: 1.4 euros
  • A cup of coffee: 2.7 euros
  • Lunch in the campus cafeteria: 7.5 euros
  • A meal in a cheap cafeteria: 15 euros
  • Meal in the restaurant: 55 euros
  • Cinema ticket: 10 euros
  • 1 minute mobile phone call: €0.26
  • One kilometer taxi ride: €1.25
  • One liter of petrol: 1.3 euros
  • One-room apartment in the city center: 1,029 euros
  • One-room apartment in the suburbs: 829 euros